"New Dimensions in Christ" 

is a discipleship based training course, one can do on his own or in a group.
In the menu "ND in Christ course and "Lessons" you can get some more information.
What are our next steps?

We sensed recently that God is challenging us to invest ourselves evangelistically in our town; and all of a sudden we experience open hearts with individuals and certain age groups. In the menu "ND Blog" you can read about the mission's house inauguration party, children's and teenage meetings we started recently, Alpha course and discipleship with individuals.

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New Dimensions Albania
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Dear visitor,

welcome to the "New Dimension Albania" homepage.
“New Dimensions” is still in its foundation phase; it is a Christian mission located in Memaliaj (southern Albania) that wants to equip people for full time ministry.

Jesus Christ is fascinating:
He taught biblical truths, demonstrated God’s love with the power of the Holy Spirit, shared his life with his followers, and invested himself into his disciples. In only 3 years he had prepared a small group successfully to change the world!

As “New Dimensions Team” we are aware of our own shortcomings and yet it is our desire to create a framework according to Jesus’ model: people are being changed leaving their old lives behind; at the same time they are released to effectively meet the need of the world around them.

3 pillars of our mission are:
  • A place of prayer, where everybody can encounter God and experience prayer that has the power to bring forth change and healing.
  • Community living which shapes our character and helps us apply foundational biblical truths in our every day living.
  • Affecting society: we want to positively impact society through children's ministry, social work, evangelism and other.
In the „New Dimensions Team“ Menu (left) we share a bit about our personal development and in the “Vision” Menu (top) you can read about the “New Dimensions” vision, values and mission.

Enjoy surfing through our homepage,
the New Dimensions Team
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